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The Forgetful Knight

The Forgetful Knight, was published on 5th July 2016 by Dial Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House). Written by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Fred Blunt, (both of whom have featured previously on the blog -  welcome back!). The Mudwaffler knew this book was going to be a dazzler! Said the Mudwaffler… ‘Hilariously entertaining from start to finish! A tale (not) easily… Continue reading The Forgetful Knight

Fred Blunt

Captain Mudwaffler! by Fred Blunt

Big thanks to Fred Blunt for this amazing pirate Mudwaffler! I've set up a new gallery page to keep all these treasures together... THE MUDWAFFLER GALLERY Check out the review of Captain Falsebeard in A Very Fishy Tale and a Q&A with Fred, here! Swamp Hugs! Till the next time… The Mudwaffler

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Captain FALSEBEARD in A VERY FISHY Tale, PLUS Q&A with Fred Blunt

Fred Blunt is a children's illustrator from Swindon, England. Captain Falsebeard in A Very Fishy Tale was published 2nd July 2015 by Puffin. It's Fred's first picture book as author and illustrator, and it's a real treasure! Said the Mudwaffler… 'Never ye mind pearls an' pieces of eight... this book's pure GOLD, shipmate!' The Story Captain Falsebeard and Admiral Swinetoes… Continue reading Captain FALSEBEARD in A VERY FISHY Tale, PLUS Q&A with Fred Blunt