The Mudwaffler is a friendly forest dwelling creature who enjoys stargazing, biscuits, and BOOKS!

In this blog, he aims to share all the best bits of picture book news, including..

  • picture book reviews, from new releases to classic favourites
  • author and illustrator Q&As
  • drawing and writing tips
  • sneak peeks at what’s to come
  • and MUCH MORE!

The Mudwaffler believes picture books should be shared by young and old and all the ages in between… you’re never too old to enjoy a good story!

There are books that make him ‘oooooh’, books that make him ‘aaaahhh’ and books that are SO GOOD they just stop him in his biscuit eating tracks all together.

Look out for the Mudwaffler stamp of BOOK LOVE for all his favourites… and also a badge – exclusively for those who feature on the blog.

Mudwaffler STAMP2

Thanks for stopping by!

Check out The Mudwaffler’s AKA Karl Newson’s website here: www.karlnewson.com

Swamp hugs! Till next time…


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